A Day in the Life

Houston, Tx

Augusta, GA

A Day in the Life - Manager Trainee


You arrive at the store along with the Store Manager and yard personnel to open the store. You turn on the store lights, unlock the doors, and get the cash registers ready for the store opening.


After prepping the store, you open the gates. The Store Manager is invoicing the first of many customer loads to be shipped. You greet the first customer through the gate and take them to the lumberyard to be loaded. At 84 Lumber, we always load first. While loading the customer, you wave “good morning” to the truck driver, who is pulling out with the first load of the day.


The first incoming delivery of the day pulls in. You grab a copy of the purchase order and jump on the forklift. You unload the truck while comparing it to the bill of lading and purchase order. You sign for the delivery and bring the paperwork into the office. As you are unloading the truck, you are rotating the current stock in the yard.


Things begin to slow down a little, so you grab your load list for the garage package you sold yesterday. You need to build the load today so that it can be delivered tomorrow. You grab one of the yard workers and head to the lumberyard. You build the load until it is complete, taking time out to help out with customers when it gets busy at the counter.


Other associates arrive and help with customers. You walk over to your “Area of Responsibility” and make sure that all of the products in your area are faced, dusted, and well-stocked. Having a clean, organized, well-managed “Area of Responsibility” will help prove to the Manager and Area Manager that you have what it takes to manage your own store one day. You grab a requisition form for nails and another for metal hangers. After doing a quick tally, you work up a new order. You review the orders with the Store Manager, and after he/she approves them, you enter them into the computer.


The delivery truck is back in the yard. The Store Manager asks you to put the next load on the truck. You load the truck with the forklift, checking the load list to make sure everything the customer ordered is on the truck. Once the truck is loaded, you give the Store Manager the load list, and he rings out the order.


You decide to take a quick break for lunch.


You decide to review a section of your Self Study Program. The nine-part program has helped increase your knowledge and made you a better salesperson. You will be taking your final exam soon and will earn a larger bonus upon successful completion of the exam. The larger bonus is nice, but you want to complete the program so you can be promoted to Co-Manager. You are well on your way to running your very own store.


You work up an estimate for a set of drawings you were given this morning. You review the estimate with your Store Manager, who suggests a couple of improvements. You update the changes, and perfect the estimate. You are proud of the extra mile that 84 Associates go to make sure our customers are well taken care of.


Between customers, you take a minute to call the customer who gave you the drawings this morning. The customer is pleasantly surprised that you have the estimate completed so quickly. You ask the customer when it would be convenient for them to come down and review their estimate. The customer says that they will be in first thing in the morning. You confirm a 7:30 AM meeting, and write it on your Trade Relations calendar.


You continue to wait on customers in person and over the phone. You call your other customers to follow up on estimates and to see how their projects turned out. 84 Lumber Associates like to make sure customers are satisfied, and that they have everything they need to make their projects complete. You grab a broom and sweep the back warehouse. The Manager Trainee who has this area is off today. You know that the other Manager Trainee would do the same for you, since everyone in the store works as a team to accomplish store goals! You also take a walk through the yard and look for old banding or any lumber units that need flat stacked.


You meet with a customer who scheduled an appointment to review an estimate you prepared on their kitchen. You take the customer on a quick tour of the kitchen cabinet display showing them the cabinets you picked out. You review the features and benefits of the cabinets. The customer likes the cabinets and asks to see the selection of countertops that are available. You work with the customer to pick out the countertop, as well as a new sink, faucet, and garbage disposal. The customer likes your proposal and confirms their order for their new kitchen. You thank the customer and tell the customer you will call them as soon as their new kitchen arrives.


You place the special order for the kitchen cabinets. You confirm the price and delivery date with the supplier. You finish the computerized special order and give the supplier the purchase order number. Before calling it a day, you double check and confirm the loads that are going out the next morning.


You call it a day. The Store Manager gives you a pat on the back for selling that kitchen package. You drive home satisfied, knowing that you helped several customers build their dreams today…while building your own career.