Professional Home Builders

84 Lumber has been helping professional home builders since 1956, and since the early 1990's has grown this segment to represent more than 85 percent of our business. We understand the demands and time constraints that builders face daily.

From the 84 Lumber salesperson who works on-site with the builder to the pros at the store and who deliver to our job sites, we are an extension of the builders' staff. We help keep your project on schedule because we know what you need, when you need it and where you need it.

84 Lumber is more than a supplier; we're a partner in the success of your business.


Success starts with quality products from framing lumber to windows and doors. 84 Lumber carries the best names in the business and can access just about any product you can think of.


When other suppliers tell you "No Way" we "Find A Way."  Whether it's a hard to find product or a one of a kind special order we have the experts and resources to find what you need. And we just don't dump lumber and leave. Our pros interact with our customers throughout the day ensuring that they have everything to keep their project on schedule and on budget.

The Building Cycle

84 Lumber has helped our pro customers to build millions of homes over the years and we understand the critical nature of the building cycle. That's why we strive to ensure the right amount of quality materials arrive at the job site where and when they're needed. A late delivery, and incomplete load, damaged materials -- these all can dramatically slow the building cycle costing not only time but money.

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Please select from the following Home Builder Services:

  • Construction Services

    • Simplify the building process with 84 Lumber's Construction Services. Offering turn key labor-material packages for framing, interior and exterior trim, roofing, doors, windows, insulation, dry wall and much more. 84 Lumber is a licensed General Contractor in the states where we offer Construction services. Our Project Managers coordinate the materials and labor ensuring timely and quality completion of each step of the building process. Builders get a guaranteed package price with no surprises.
  • Component Manufacturing

    • 84 Lumber manufactures the highest quality component products using the latest technology to minimize waste and cost. Roof and floor trusses and wall panels are assembled by highly trained personnel and arrive at the job site coded for easy installation.
  • Products

    • 84 Lumber stocks the products that professional builders need, with the ability to tailor each store’s inventory to the demands of that region. We can offer the highest quality lumber and building materials thanks to the following vendor partners.
  • Timely Delivery

    • A dedicated delivery fleet and experienced store personnel make sure that the materials our pro builders need are at the job site on time -- and dropped exactly where they are needed.
  • Home Plans

    • 84 Lumber is more than a supplier; we're truly a partner in the success of your business.
  • Insurance

    • We are here to help the Customers of 84 Lumber with their insurance needs.
  • Travel

    • 84 Travel, your business and pleasure full-service travel agency, offers travel services.
  • Sign Shop

    • We are an in-house graphic design, print and production shop. We assist our customers in creating various professional designs and signage to further enhance their marketing.
  • Outdoor

    • 84 Outdoor is a full-service billboard company that specializes in directional advertising.