84 Lumber Travel Tips

Follow these helpful tips and make your trip enjoyable!

  • When you plan your wardrobe for your trip, coordination is key. Choose comfortable clothes that mix and match well. Select your shoes for comfort first, then style.
  • Careful packing is the key to keeping your great appearance intact. Some very simple packing tips will help you to conserve space, organize your luggage better and allow fabrics to rejuvenate themselves faster.
  • Pack in sections, folding clothes lengthwise, and cushion fabrics with fabrics.
  • Pack at the last minute, distributing weight evenly to balance the suitcase.
  • Heavy items, such as shoes, should be packed at the bottom, along the case hinges.
  • Place spillable liquids in tightly sealed plastic containers, no more than three quarters full. Then secure them inside a spill-proof plastic bag.
  • Don’t forget a travel alarm clock, sunglasses, sunscreen, spot remover, manicure set, sewing kit, etc. for emergencies.
  • Properly tag all luggage to make it easier for you and the baggage handlers to identify.
  • Make a list of everything you pack. If your luggage is lost, you will need it for the insurance company.